Youth Fire Conference

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Lord Jesus, hear the cry for this present generation currently being tormented by lust, depression, immortality, substance abuse, loss of identity, gender confusion, powerlessness, lack of focus, lukewarmness(and many others) that they will be saved from the torments(what the world calls pleasures) of this present age! Lord Jesus let the seven lamps that burn before Your throne burn in the hearts of the same young men and women bound to these vices in this generation that they will experience Your love, touch Your power and emerge from the place of repentance as pure and holy vessels, that will bear the weight of Your burdens!

We pray for the whirlwinds of Your Spirit to blow away the distractions that draw the attention of these youth from Your bleeding heart Jesus! Lord we in this present generation present ourselves to You as altars and houses of prayer where intercession for all nations will be offered without ceasing! We are asking for the Seven Spirits of God to rest upon young Samuels and young Davids who You will use to publish the good news of the righteousness of God…that men would love Your ways and see Your heart! We are asking for the Spirit of Grace and Supplication! Oh Lord set our hearts on Fire for You and You alone!

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We believe that the Lord Jesus will personally come and baptise hundreds of youth with the Holy Spirit and the blazing fire of the Seven Spirits of God! Many will walk away from the conference free from addictions, substance abuse, emotional crisis, suicidal thoughts, ignorance, lust, gender confusion, and a lack of passion for Jesus as the futur leaders of the future world burning bright radiating the high praises of God! We are trusting the Lord Jesus to shatter all that stands in His way!

A Jesus-generation is rising…a generation of love and the fear of the Lord!

This conference is targeted at Youth (Ages 19 – 31) Single & Married!

Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 10:00 AM

Sat, Sep 15, 2018, 5:00 PM

Hadassah Place Ojota, Lagos

21, Emmanuel high street Ogudu, Ojota- Lagos

Ojota, Lagos.

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